Tuesday, January 1, 2008

1.) A New Tradition

#1. It is tradition that you eat black eyed peas to insure a coming year filled with luck and greens to insure plenty of money.

After reading a number of threads and articles I have found that many countries have traditions that they believe will bring good luck for the new year. Two foods that I found consistently throughout my findings were black-eyed peas and collard greens. We found ourselves at the grocery store looking for an easy out but our hopes of a heat n' serve meal was soon thwarted by empty shelves. I take that back, we were lucky enough to find pre-seasoned collard greens, which were awesome! We then made our way to the frozen food section for some frozen peas and were almost hindered once again by an overzealous Floridian who decided to step in front of me to get the last bag of frozen peas!?!?! We had to spring for the Lowes brand, which worked just fine but still..........Anyhow, the meal turned out to be pretty good, and hopefully the superstition, oops I mean tradition will be fulfill as it's believed to.

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