Monday, June 2, 2008

154.) Columbine


#154. These didn't stick around for long enough........


Donna said...

They are pretty aren't they? Mine are going through a second blooming, but they got pretty beat up by some heavy rain.

Enjoy your photos very much.

Dan Allen said...

Mine are getting ready for a second bloom too. So might yours. And the hummingbirds love 'em!

BTW -- I'm thinking very much of the mountains of North Carolina these days, where, at least on the summits, it is generally a lot cooler and less humid than it is here. Here's hoping your weather is better than ours right now.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

donna: They really are some of the most interesting wildflowers....but unfortunately delicate as well.....Maybe mine will show back up?!

Dan: Second Bloom! I was sad when they disappeared, I only spent a short time with them, I hope they pop back up!

Our weather is breaking record highs right now, but it still isn't as hot as it is off the mountain.

The higher elevation tends to be cooler, although Grandfather Mountain has also been breaking records. It's gotten past 80 the past 3 days, which is highly unusual for this time of year. In 1971 the record temp was a mere 75 degrees!?!?!

I would say Linville Gorge, and maybe Mount Mitchell would be ideal higher elevations as well.